Pay by Purchase Order

Progressive Bed is happy to offer our corporate clients the ability to pay via purchase order. Simply contact our office with the necessary information regarding credit and we can begin the process of setting up your company's purchase order account. For new clients, we sometimes require a deposit on the first order in addition to the following information which should be included on the formal purchase order document:

  • P/O Number
  • Contact Name and Info; Email, Phone, Office Address, etc
  • Billing Info; Company Name, Billing Address, Accounts Payable Contact
  • Shipping Info; Shipping Address, Phone, Recipient Name
  • Payment Terms
  • Product Info; Product Number, Price, Quantity

Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will send out an email to confirm the order and provide you with shipping information as well as a tracking number. If you would like to set up a P/O account with Progressive Bed for your next order, be sure to contact us today to get started.


Pay with Cryptocurrency

We're now accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies as payment methods!

  • Return Options:
    Returns are possible at the equivalent price of purchased products in the form of store credit.
  • Refunds:
    Cryptocurrency payments are final and cannot be reversed.
  • Payment Anomalies that May Affect the Order Confirmation:
    If under or over payment is received, or if the legitimacy of the transaction can't be verified.
  • Networking Fees:
    The customer is responsible for any cryptocurrency network fees
  • Security:
    You should exercise caution and care when making your payment in cryptocurrency. We will not be responsible or liable for any security incident that results in a failed payment to us or otherwise involves your of crypto payment.