Enhancing Bedroom Relaxation and Productivity with Overbed Tables

Enhancing Bedroom Relaxation and Productivity with Overbed Tables

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Everyday, we spend a large portion of our time resting, working, and relaxing while in bed. Maintaining proper posture and ergonomics in bed is crucial for our long-term health, mood, and comfort. This is where overbed tables become a necessity to support the independence of individuals with physical limitations while still offering many practical uses and convenient features that will benefit anyone. In this article, we will cover how overbed tables can help you enhance bedroom relaxation and productivity.


What Is an Overbed Table?

Overbed table


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An overbed adjustable table is like a bedside desk on wheels which can be moved around easily. This enables users to stay in bed while still being able to move their table’s surface over their bed and position the table to a comfortable height to reduce the risk of injuries from improper posture. Overbed tables are notably used by hospital patients, seniors, and individuals with mobility limitations, however, their use in standard households is growing more common thanks to their versatility and practical use cases.

Over the bed tables can come in a variety of different designs, sizes, and colors. Heavy duty overbed tables are specially designed to handle a higher load capacity while most standard overbed tables are better suited for light-duty tasks. The adjustable height overbed tables we offer are driven by pneumatic gas springs which can be controlled through their handle grip.


What Can an Overbed Table Be Used For?

Overbed table


Each of our PB-OT1 overbed tables has a height adjustment range from 26" - 41" and a weight capacity rating of 15 lbs for light-duty tasks. With these specifications, our overbed adjustable tables are a multi-purpose surface that can be used for placing personal items to allow for more user convenience for bedroom tasks such as:

  • reading books and newspapers
  • enjoying food and drinks
  • working on a laptop
  • arts and crafts
  • playing cards and board games
  • placing phones, TV remotes, other personal items, etc.
Working on a laptop


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Aside from bedside tasks, users can enjoy nearly all the same benefits of a compact standing desk with our overbed tables. The typical electric standing desks are commonly found in home and office settings for workspace setups with monitor screens and heavier loads. Overbed tables can be used in a similar way to portable pneumatic standing desks as they both have a lower weight capacity that has been designed for their own intended use cases. The similarities to pneumatic standing desks combined with their overhang design allow overbed tables to have many different benefits such as:

  • Quick height adjustments
  • Durable construction
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Greater mobility
  • Affordable price
  • Low maintenance
  • Overhanging surface design
  • Better productivity and ergonomics


Quick Height Adjustments

Overbed tables


These overbed tables can have their height adjusted at a high speed since they are driven by compressed nitrogen gas inside their pistons. The overbed table’s handle grip allows users to have quick access to the controls with no delays during operation.


Durability and Low Maintenance

Our overbed tables are made from quality steel framing material that is backed by our 3 year warranty to guarantee high levels of durability that will serve you well! The compressed nitrogen gas in our gas-assisted springs allows for smoother operation at a more constant speed compared to metal springs with different compression and expansion characteristics. Because of these factors, our overbed tables require next to no maintenance. Simple cleaning of the working surface is all that you need if there is a collection of dirt, dust, or spills. 

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Fast and Easy Installation



Our overbed table comes in a package with a total of three pieces of components for fast, simple, and easy installation. This makes it convenient for users who physically cannot assemble heavy equipment or prefer a fast and easy installation experience.


Greater Mobility

Overbed tables are much more mobile than regular standing desks due to their lighter weight, smaller size, and pre-installed wheels. With a working surface area of 27.56" x 15.75" and a total product weight of 29.76 lbs, this is the perfect solution if you travel frequently or constantly move. Since no electricity is required for operation, you can literally use our overbed tables anywhere you travel at any time!


Purposeful Design

Productivity and Ergonomics


The design of overbed tables with their overhanging surface allows them to be placed at the side of a bed, however, they can also be placed over a chair, sofa, or wheelchair. We offer our overbed tables in black or white for the tabletop and frame so you can choose a color that will contrast or blend in with the color tone of your room!


Better Productivity and Ergonomics

A Stanford University study found that workers who used sit-stand/stand stations reported reduced back pain after 3 months of using the equipment. A new study published by the British Medical Journal has also found that workers who replaced their seating with vertical stations reported better overall work performance. Additionally, a call center study found a significant and gradual improvement of over 50% increase in productivity in 6 months after the implementation of standing workstations. The option to stand up can help increase overall work performance and concentration by helping users feel more awake compared to when seated down. Productivity also improves from having better morale and proper posture when adjusting a workspace to the ideal height position for each individual.

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Whether you were relaxing, working, or handling personal tasks, overbed tables are excellent multi-purpose solutions to consider for improving your bedroom relaxation and productivity. The versatility of overbed tables not only complements your bedroom, but they also enhance your relaxation and productivity around the house!

We hope you found this article helpful and informative, especially if you were considering overbed tables to enhance your bedroom! If you have any queries on overbed tables or wish to discuss our adjustable beds further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best solutions to meet your needs.

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