Top 3 Accessories for Your Bedroom You'll Love

Top 3 Accessories for Your Bedroom You'll Love

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Comfort is made of little things. Indeed, invisible details can make a big difference, creating a convenient environment in your bedroom. This year we have expanded the Progressive Bed product range with accessories designed to help you cope with pesky small things you may face daily in your sleeping setup.

Bed Sheet Holder Straps

Bed sheet holder straps


This accessory will become your best friend if you’re sick and tired of your sheets slipping off a bed or want to finally get rid of those annoying wrinkles in the middle. Our bed sheet straps have a triangular design, providing a snug fit to hold bedding, including fitted and flat sheets, in place so they don’t crumple or slide off the bed. It’s easy to fix the straps, thanks to the elastic bands and metal buckles. The bands are equipped with adjustable cord locks, allowing you to control the straps’ length and tension to fit your bed sheets’ size. And no worries, the metal buckles won’t damage your bedding – the plastic inserts ensure a firm grip while protecting fabrics.

Straps for sheets


Our straps for sheets come in a set of four - just enough to work on every corner of your bed - and are suitable for all bed types and sizes!

Connector Straps for Twin XL Bed Frames

Twin XL bed frames


Suppose you have two Twin XL frames and want to transform them into a Split King bed by pulling the two frames one to another and placing them side by side. Whereas this arrangement is a no-brainer, it can be tricky to keep the beds aligned as they may shift. The connector straps tie two Twin XL frames, holding them together and preventing them from moving. Our straps for adjustable frames are made of firm polyester thread with a zinc alloy buckle that ensures the product will serve long. 

Drift adjustable bed


We developed these sturdy non-slip connector straps for our Drift adjustable beds to enable customers to turn two smaller frames into a bigger bed. There are two straps in the set to be used in the upper and lower parts of the frames – therefore, the beds will be firmly secured.

Mattress Holder Straps

Adjustable bed


The third type of straps is designed mainly for adjustable beds to ensure your mattress stays in place when a bed is changing position. Being secured, the mattress seamlessly bends with the frame, repeating its shape. It’s particularly important to hold the mattress in place when raising the leg section, as there should be no gaps between the frame and the mattress. That’s why we offer two straps in the set for the middle and lower parts of the adjustable bed to press the mattress down to the frame. Our mattress straps for an adjustable frame are made of durable polyester thread with a zinc alloy buckle and are compatible with Twin XL and Queen mattresses.

Mattress strap


Add more comfort and convenience to your bedroom!

They say the Devil is in detail - as well as comfort. Try out these small but useful accessories to ensure nothing disturbs your rest. Also, learn more about adjustable bed frames and our two-sided ergonomic mattress to enhance your sleeping experience. | 1-800-828-9381

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