Split King Adjustable Bed Frames for Sleeping Together

Split King Adjustable Bed Frames for Sleeping Together

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Adjustable bed frames come in a variety of different sizes to suit a range of user preferences and use cases. If you were looking for one large adjustable bed that can be shared by two individuals, choosing between a King or Split King configuration can affect your overall adjustable bed experience. This article will help you make an informed decision when choosing your next adjustable bed by covering the key elements of Split King adjustable bed frames such as their different configurations, special features, and appropriate use case.

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What Is a Split King Bed Frame?

Split king bed frame


When choosing an adjustable bed, you must select your mattress and frame. After you have decided on a preferred model with the features you like, there will be three frame configurations to choose from:

  • Twin XL
  • Queen
  • Split King

The Twin XL and Queen frame configurations are primarily intended for a single user who will not be sharing the adjustable bed with another individual. The size of one Queen frame is larger than one Twin XL frame of the same model. If only one individual will be using the adjustable bed, the larger surface area from a Queen frame allows for greater overall comfort compared to one Twin XL frame.

The Split King bed is a type of bed configuration that has two twin beds together side by side. More specifically, a Split King adjustable bed frame consists of two Twin XL adjustable bed frames that are merged with the control option to move individually or together synchronously. This design was intended primarily for two individuals who sleep together but could also be used for a single individual who enjoys having lots of space when resting in bed.

Which Mattresses Are for Split King Adjustable Bed Frames?



Our mattresses are available in three different sizes as illustrated in the photo above:

  • Twin XL (79.9" x 37.80")
  • Queen (79.9" x 59.80")
  • King (79.9" x 76")

Our Queen frames are for the Queen mattresses while our Twin XL frames are for the Twin XL mattresses. However, the Split King frame requires users to decide between a King bed with one large King mattress or a Split King bed with two smaller Twin XL mattresses combined. By merging two Twin XL frames and two Twin XL mattresses together, you get a Split King configuration. Merging two Twin XL frames and one King mattress together will result in a King configuration.

How Does a Split King Adjustable Bed Work?

Our data sheets cover the configuration setup for both King and Split King adjustable beds. After configuring your frame, a Split King bed will be controlled with two separate remotes that operate the two separate sides of the bed independently. The King bed uses just one remote to operate both sides of the bed together in synchronous motion. Both the King and Split King will come with the Sync cord included but this Sync cord is only required for the King bed.

Configuration King Split King
Operation Operate both sides of the bed together. Operate both sides of the bed separately.
Wireless Remote (Included 1x Remote (1x spare remote) 2x Remote (1x spare remote)
Sync Cord Required (Included) Yes No
Bluetooth Adapter
(Optional, Sold Separately)
1x 2x
Headboard Brackets
(Optional, Sold Separately)
1x 1x


Can You Separate a Split King Adjustable Bed?

Split king adjustable bed


The two Twin XL frames of a Split King frame always have the option to be separated, however, only the Split King configuration with two Twin XL mattresses allows for two beds that are physically apart from each other. Our King bed with just a single King mattress will be limited to only the King configuration. Bed accessories such as Mattress Holder Straps and Connector Straps for Twin XL Bed Frames work as sturdy non-slip straps to keep everything securely in place, however, users will need to remove them when separating the Split King.

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Benefits of the Split King Configuration

1. Independent User Control

Adjustable bed


A split king configuration is an excellent choice for adjustable beds to accommodate the different sleeping preferences of multiple users who sleep together side by side. Independent user control can truly help to keep everyone who shares the same bed in a better mood!


2. Allows for Two Different Mattresses

Split King


Depending on lifestyle and medical conditions, everyone may have a different preference for mattress firmness. The option for different mattress firmness according to each user’s preference with the Split King adjustable beds is a major benefit for two individuals who want a king-sized bed that has one medium and one soft mattress.

3.      Movement Isolation

Sleeping on a split king adjustable bed helps avoid disturbing the individual you were sleeping next to. This is because the separation from having two mattresses and frames help isolates almost all motion and movement from the opposite user.

4.      Easier to Carry and Move Around

Having two smaller and lighter-weight mattresses will be easier to carry and move around compared to one large and heavy king-sized mattress. This can be a serious benefit for users who need to carry their bed setup up and down stairs, maneuver around corners, and/or pass narrow door frames.

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Benefits of the King Configuration

1. Greater comfortable right in the middle

King adjustable bed


Unlike a Spilt King configuration with two smaller mattresses placed together, a King adjustable bed has one large King mattress as an entire piece. If you are sleeping alone right in the middle, a King mattress does not have any split in the middle and offers more comfort than the Split King mattress configuration.

2. Better Safety for Pets and Kids

King configuration


Pets and kids may prefer being in the middle of a bed or enjoy wandering to the middle. Since the King configuration for adjustable beds do not have a split in the middle, they offer better safety for pets and kids when compared to a Split King configuration. This is because the middle’s gap from Split King beds can result in pets or kids getting their limbs accidentally caught and stuck in between the two mattresses.

 3.  Lower Price compared to Two Mattresses

Purchasing one King mattress is more affordable than the price of purchasing two separate Twin XL mattresses. If you find that both options will work for you, the determining factor may just be their price points.

One King mattress = $702.00 CAD ($562.00 USD)


Two Twin XL mattress = $527.00 CAD * 2

Two Twin XL mattress = $1054.00 CAD ($844.00 USD)

4. More intimate for couples

Split king adjustable bed


Since there is no gap or split in between the middle, King adjustable beds offer couples a more intimate feeling of being together as one compared to Split King adjustable beds.

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A split king bed frame offers the versatility of being configured for either a King or Split King adjustable bed. Everyone has different sleeping preferences, so having the option for different mattress firmness according to each user’s preference and independent user control can truly help to keep everyone who shares the same bed in a better mood! On the other hand, a King adjustable bed is the perfect solution for sharing a bed everyone including your pets and kids!

We hope you found this article helpful and informative, especially if you were considering split king bed frames to enhance your bedroom! If you have any queries on split king bed frames or wish to discuss our adjustable beds further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best solutions to meet your needs.

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