Top 10 Questions We Get About Our Adjustable Bed Frames & Mattresses

Top 10 Questions We Get About Our Adjustable Bed Frames & Mattresses

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Many individuals are just getting introduced to adjustable beds as the market continues to grow. Due to all the major benefits offered by adjustable bed solutions, we can see why the public continues to have a growing interest in getting their first adjustable bed. In this article, we will cover the top 10 questions we get about our adjustable frames and mattresses to better understand what the best adjustable bed solutions were for suiting your needs.

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1.      What Is an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable bed


An adjustable bed is a type of design where the bed’s frame can be adjusted to different positions and configurations according to the user’s choice. The market offers adjustable beds with different features, shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different user preferences. Popular features found in many electric adjustable beds include head and foot adjustments, massagers, underbed lighting, and USB charging ports.


2.      Do Adjustable Beds Need Special Bed Frames?

Special bed frames


Electric adjustable beds require adjustable frames that can change their bed positions according to their user’s preference. These adjustable frames are often made of steel for the durability to handle heavy loads over prolonged periods of time. Our adjustable bed frames work by using electric linear actuators to convert electrical energy into a mechanical force for moving the bed’s frame into the desired position.


3.      What Mattresses Work with Adjustable Beds?



To reap the benefits of changing your bed positions to your desired configurations, adjustable bed frames require mattresses that meets their size and weight requirements while also being able to bend into shape. Foam mattresses are usually capable of bending into the required shapes as the adjustable bed base mounted underneath them changes from one configuration to another.


4.     Can an Adjustable Mattress Go on Any Bed Frame?

Bed frame


Yes, adjustable mattresses can be used just like a normal mattress if they have the matching size and weight requirements to be compatible with a regular bed frame. An adjustable mattress that is slightly larger or smaller than the recommended size for fitting a regular bed frame will usually still function as a normal mattress, however, the appearance will be affected by one component overlapping the other.


5.      What is the Best Mattress for Adjustable Beds?

Mattress for Adjustable Beds


Aside from mattress compatibility, the best mattress for adjustable beds will also depend on user preferences. Softer mattresses are best for users who will enjoy their comfort, however, users who prefer extra support may find a firm mattress the best for their needs. Progressive Bed offers one soft side and one medium side on each of our mattresses to accommodate a broader range of audiences, helping you to find the best balance of support and comfort.

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6.      Is an Adjustable Bed Good for Side Sleepers?

The neck adjustment feature


Yes, adjustable beds can be configured to have elevated head and/or neck positions if the side sleeping user required so. The neck adjustment feature found in certain models can be especially helpful for ensuring the user’s head and neck are both aligned to keep their spine straight and relieve any potential neck strains. If the user prefers to keep the bed in a flat position, placing a taller pillow under the neck can help achieve the required head and neck elevation.


7.     Do Adjustable Beds Require Specific Types of Bed Sheets?

Bed sheets


Most standard bed sheets with the right dimensions will be compatible with electric adjustable beds. It is important to note that two separate bed sheets will be required if you choose one split king configuration. This is the configuration for users who want the ability to control two-bed frames independently using one remote. This setup also offers the option of synchronizing two beds to move together at the same time.


8.     What Is the Life Expectancy of an Adjustable Bed?

The life span of an adjustable bed


The life span of an adjustable bed will depend greatly on how it was used. Factors such as body weight, sleeping positions, usage frequency, environment, and cleaning habits will affect the lifespan of an adjustable bed. Under normal use, the average lifespan of adjustable beds can range from 7 to 15 years.


9.     What are the Major Benefits of Having Adjustable Beds?

Electric adjustable beds


When used correctly, electric adjustable beds offer major benefits such as:

  1. Improving sleep quality: Positioning an adjustable bed to the perfect user configuration can help reduce unwanted pressure on sore body areas and improve sleep quality.
  2. Promoting proper posture: Adjustable beds can help improve posture, prevent digestion issues, and reduce the risk of back pain by allowing users the ability to move their beds into the desired configuration for tasks such as eating, reading, working on a laptop, or watching television.
  3. Helping to reduce snoring: Snoring reduces oxygen intake due to soft tissues of the throat sagging and blocking airflow. By raising adjustable beds to the appropriate height, soft tissues of the throat will have a reduced drooping effect to promote better and healthier sleep.
  4. Offering comfort and luxury: Massage features and under-bed lighting comes included in certain adjustable bed models to help provide a comfortable and luxurious user experience. This can help improve morale and ensure a positive mood in bed.
  5. Making getting in and out of bed easier: By being able to adjust to the appropriate user-specific heights, the entry and exit of adjustable beds are much more manageable, especially for the elderly, injured, or disabled.


10.      What are the Price Ranges of an Adjustable Bed?

Progressive beds frames


The price of an adjustable bed will vary depending on the model of the frame and size you select. Our Progressive Beds frames will range from $625 USD for the Drift Classic TwinXL frame to $2,000 USD Drift Elite Split King frame. 

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In Summary 

Whether you were considering an adjustable bed to replace your current setup or just wanted to learn more about adjustable beds as a growing trend, knowing the details of a product will help you in making informed decisions. We hope you found this article helpful and informative, especially if you were looking to learn more about adjustable bed frames and mattresses!

If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best bed solutions to meet your needs. | 1-800-828-9381

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