Understanding The Benefits of Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds

Understanding The Benefits of Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds

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Adjustable beds offer users many different health benefits and convenient attributes through the variety of unique features that come included in each model. In some cases, there may be several features in an adjustable bed that many of us may not be familiar with. Wall hugger is one of the features that can be more commonly found in the premium models of adjustable beds and can become useful for not only enhancing relaxation but also improving user safety. In this article, we will cover the benefits and important aspects to consider of wall hugger adjustable beds.

What Is a Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed?

Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed


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Some of us may be wondering what a wall hugger adjustable bed is. The term "wall hugger" describes the way an adjustable bed slides towards the direction of the wall behind it while the head is being raised up. The adjustable bed frames with this feature are called wall hugger bed frames because they remain close to your wall regardless of whether your bed’s head raises up or lowers down. The Drift Elite is our only model which comes with the wall hugger feature.


The Convenient Benefits of Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Bed


Aside from just the wall hugger feature, adjustable beds offer many other features for enhancing relaxation and improving overall sleep quality. Adjustable beds that do not come with the wall hugger feature move farther away from the wall as the adjustable bed raises the head. This results in users moving forward and away from their wall which will typically increase the distance between the user and their bedside table. Daily items such as eyeglasses, newspapers, drinks, remote controls, medications, and other personal belongings can become more out of reach as the bedside table gets too far behind the user. In some instances, users can move their bedside table further out to accommodate adjustable bed frames that do not have wall hugger capability, however, this sometimes affects the bedroom’s aesthetics and visual appearance.

In comparison, wall hugger adjustable beds are closer to drop-in replacements if we consider that there is no need to alter furniture arrangements when installing them. Simply set up your new wall hugging adjustable bed in the same location as your old bed frame. When raised to an upright position, a wall hugging adjustable bed's mattress slides back towards the wall. This means that even as the head of the bed foundation is raised, users remain close to the wall and their bedside table. No matter how you choose to configure your adjustable bed, wall huggers always stay near your bedside table since the mattress stays in the same position as you lower the bed. Keeping users in the same position makes it easier and more convenient to access personal belongings that are located next to their beds.

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Wall Hugger Technology Health Benefits

Individuals with illnesses, disability, physical injury, or the elderly will benefit from having their bedside items within reaching distance. The ability to quickly reach for medicine, water, a flashlight, or a phone for emergency calls is critical to ensure their well-being and reduce the risk of accidents. Wall hugger capability also reduces the risk of straining the neck and back of users who are in the process of recovering or were permanently experiencing arthritis or other mobility limitations. For individuals who benefit from these added feature, the health benefits and overall convenience of wall hugger bed frames more than make up for their slight cost difference.

Wall Hugger King VS Split King Configurations

ErgoFlip mattresses


If you needed a large size bed with the wall hugger feature, you may be considering the Drift Elite in either the King or Split King configuration. The wall hugger Split King adjustable bed configuration is recommended for couples who sleep next to each other and prefer the option to have independent control over their side of the bed. This is because a wall hugger Split King adjustable bed configuration will have two separate ErgoFlip mattresses that can move into shape without interfering with the other side. If a couple does not need independent controls over their side of the bed and prefers having no gaps or crease lines in the middle, then the wall hugger King adjustable bed configuration will be more suitable.

Can I Use a Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed with My Existing Bed Frame?

Our Drift Elite with the wall hugger feature is not compatible with a standard bed frame. If you have a standard-panel decorative bedframe and can remove the wooden slats, most frames should fit inside (make sure to check the dimensions of both elements). Our Drift Classic and Drift Pro models are compatible with bed frames – their zero-clearance design works on both slatted and platform beds, as well as most other bed frames. We would also recommend using bed slat brackets with these models.

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Do Wall Hugging Adjustable Beds Occupy More Space?

Adjustable Bed


The wall hugging adjustable bed frames generally do not have a significant difference in how much space they occupy compared to similar models without the wall hugger feature. Our Drift Elite adjustable beds with the wall hugger feature are taller than the Drift Classic and Pro, however, they also occupy less space for length and width. Because of this, the Drift Elite is more space efficient in certain aspects and could be of slight benefit if the length and width of an adjustable bed were a priority over the height they occupied.

Height Length Width
Drift Elite frame 16.99" 78.74" 37.4" Twin XL or 59.06" Queen
Drift Pro and Classic frame 13.76" 79.72" 37.6" Twin XL or 59.84" Queen


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Wall hugger adjustable beds improve the ease of accessing items placed next to the bedside by helping users to remain more in place as they adjust the head positions of their adjustable bed. All users who find value in being within reaching distance of their belongings while in bed will especially find the wall hugger feature a must have.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative, especially if you were interested in learning more about the wall hugger feature of adjustable beds! If you have any queries or wish to discuss our adjustable beds further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best solutions to meet your needs.

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