What are Adjustable Beds and Why Do You Need One?

What are Adjustable Beds and Why Do You Need One?

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Having proper posture and sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy physical condition and clear mental state. Beds are primarily for sleep; however, adjustable beds have the added versatility of changing configurations for other activities like watching television, working on a laptop, or reading a book. The best configurations and ideal adjustable bed solutions can vary for each person. This is especially true when based on what a person is doing during the different times of the day. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about adjustable beds to better understand how they work and their pros & cons.

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What Is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a type of design where the bed’s frame can be adjusted to different positions and configurations according to the user’s choice. Adjustable electric beds can be found on the market with different features, shapes, sizes, and colors for different user preferences. Popular features found in many adjustable electric beds include head and foot adjustments, massagers, underbed lighting, and USB charging ports.


How Do Adjustable Beds Work?

Our adjustable beds work by using electric linear actuators to convert electrical energy into mechanical force for moving the bed’s frame into the desired position. For extra safety, we use actuators with a push-only design to prevents the actuators from accidentally crushing physical obstructions when retracting the actuator.

 Adjustable beds with linear actuator


The electrical power coming from a wall outlet gets converted into DC voltage by the adjustable bed’s power supply unit.

Adjustable bed’s power supply unit


The DC voltage coming from our power supply unit is then used to power the included central control box. Any other additional electronics that come with the adjustable bed will be connected to the control box so they can receive power when being controlled. Depending on the model, the different electronic components that come included with adjustable electric beds may vary.



The final included piece for our adjustable bed is the handheld wireless remote. Our wireless remote transmits RF frequency which is then received by the control box to allow for the adjustable bed’s different functions. We also have our datasheets for more detailed information on how to assemble and use our electric adjustable bed frames.

Wireless remote


Considerations for Adjustable Beds

The pros & cons of an adjustable electric bed needs to be considered to help determine what features of a bed are most important for you. Below are some of the notable pros & cons of an adjustable electric bed:

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Pros of Adjustable Beds

1.       Improves the quality of sleep

Adjustable bed


Reducing pressure points is tricky for non-adjustable beds, however, positioning an adjustable bed to the perfect user configuration can help reduce unwanted pressure on sore body areas and improve sleep quality.


2.      Promotes proper posture

Height-adjustable bed


After just eating a meal, an upright position is recommended to ensure there are no digestion issues. An upright position is also desirable for other tasks such as reading a book, working on a laptop, or watching television. Height-adjustable beds can help improve posture, prevent digestion issues, and reduce the risk of back pain by allowing users the ability to move their bed into the desired configuration at any time.


3.      Prevents snoring

Sleep deprivation can be an issue when there’s lack of oxygen and if we’re sleeping next to someone who has loud snoring. Snoring reduces oxygen intake due to soft tissues of the throat sagging and blocking airflow. By raising height-adjustable beds, soft tissues of the throat will have a reduced drooping effect to allow better and healthier sleep.


4.      Greater comforts and luxury

Massage features and underbed lighting comes included in certain adjustable bed models to help provide a comfortable and luxurious user experience. This can help improve morale and ensure a positive mood while in bed.


5.       Ease of getting in and out

Getting in and out of bed can sometimes be challenging, especially for the elderly, injured or disabled. By being able to adjust to the appropriate user specific heights, the entry and exit of height-adjustable beds is much more manageable.


6.      Charging ports for USB devices

Charging ports for USB device


Many electric adjustable beds can help improve the convenience of charging USB devices by including charging ports with quick and easy access. Devices such as phones, tablets, and wireless headsets often require charging while in bed and will especially find this feature beneficial.


7.      Added versatility

For two users who are sharing one bed, adjustable beds have the versatility of working independently so that different configurations are still possible while being together at the same time.


Cons of adjustable beds

1.       Higher relative costs

Adjustable beds can sometimes have a higher price tag compared to conventional beds as they require extra components and moving parts to allow for their added features.


2.       Longer assembly time

The installation time for adjustable electric beds will be longer due to more components and greater complexity.


3.       Limited mattress compatibility

Electric adjustable bed frames may not be compatible with an existing mattress and usually requires a new mattress that match the specifications of the adjustable bed frame.

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In Conclusion

Electric adjustable bed frames have the versatility of changing configurations to accommodate various user specific requirements and conditions. Using adjustable beds can help improve long term morale and physical health offering better quality sleep, ensuring good posture, and including convenient features that are typically not found in conventional bed designs. Purchasing the ideal adjustable bed will have a higher upfront initial cost, however, their long-term benefits make up for their price.

We hope you found this article informative and helpful at giving some new ideas for your next bed purchase. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best bed solutions to meet your needs.

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